About US

Having a presence on the Internet is more important than ever before.

Who we are:

We are a team of enthusiastic mature guys with very diversified backgrounds and experiences that can be useful to your business.

What we do:

We help you to set up a website that will have a professional look and give you a presence online. The design will result in your website being nicely displayed on every type of device (pc, tablet, smartphone) and particularly on mobile devices.

What tool do we use:

Essentially we use WordPress which is employed by more than 25% of the world’s websites. WordPress is a free open source software, and not a proprietary software owned by companies such as Microsoft and Google. That’s the reason why it has a huge community of developers that make this software evolve rapidly. Definitely we go for easy and freedom!

Instead of learning how to do a lot of programming and web design, it’s much faster to just use a web-tool like WordPress. So, if you have neither the time nor the skills to do it yourself – then we will do it for you.

Our philosophy:

Because we want 100% customer satisfaction and to establish a long-term relationship, we propose to create your website and you decide the price of this service!! We will necessarily charge a minimum price corresponding to the Hosting installation expenses charged by the Internet Site Hosting provider. For the rest (our design and implementation service) you decide the price to pay. This sales offer will be made to our partner customers only.

Our service in more detail:

We will choose with you an Internet Site Domain Name, for instance « www.yourname.be» which allows you to have an internet address, and therefore to have a website that can be seen when people surf the internet.
We will choose the best Web Hosting company to host your future website. We will give you the access codes to your Hosting to ensure your independence, as you request.
Then, together with you, we will create your own list of required content before we get started creating your website. We will gather with you the useful content (images, videos, charts, texts) to be put onto your website.

We can also help you to promote your website with social media or other methods.

WordPress improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that means it improves the visibility of your website on Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox…

Our conditions:

Our service supposes that you agree to work with WordPress and agree to take our predefined theme with a predefined layout.